Sports Popular With Bettors in Canada

Canadians love sports and there are many of them either playing or following one or multiple sports. Just like in any other country, there are various sports in the country with different levels of popularity. The popularity of any sport is directly proportional to its attractiveness to bettors. Below are some of the most popular sports popular with bettors in Canada.


Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada. It has games all year long, at all levels. Because of this, the sport is played and following by adults as well as children. Many people in the country understand the sport very well, and a lot of them bet on it.


Lacrosse popularity started some years back when it was declared the summer sport in 1994 and the national game of Canada in 1859. Its popularity has grown to become one of the most followed sports in the country. This has made it attractive to many bettors hence becoming popular with that crowd in Canada.


Football is the most followed sport globally, which means it is also popular in Canada. The sport is popular with bettors because it has games to bet on all around the year and betting on football is quick, simple and straight forward.


Baseball is popular in North America, especially in the United States and Canada. The sport’s popularity in the region dates back to many years ago. It has a huge following, and it attracts many bettors.


Cricket has been played in Canada for the longest time. Because of this, its fan base has increased over time to become one of the most popular sports in the country. The sport also attracts many bettors.


The love of sports comes with the love of sports betting. This article has highlighted some of the most popular sports in Canada that also attract the most bettors.