Major Sports Canadians Bet On

Betting is widely practiced in Canada and millions of people place their bets when there is a major competition. Given its proximity to the United States of America, Canada offers several great sports for bettors. Out of all major sports that Canadians bet on, the following are more unique to Canada.


Hockey is by far the most popular sport in Canada. It bears the title of the national winter sport. The popularity of hockey cuts across all ages, with millions of both adults and children watching and playing the sport all over the country. The popularity of hockey has made it popular with bettors. It is one of the sports that Canadians bet on.


Curling is a winter sport that has amassed a massive following. Curling competitions are usually broadcasted nationally. The sport’s popularity increased during recent Olympic broadcasts. Due to this popularity, the sport has attracted many bettors in Canada.


Lacrosse history is traced back to aboriginal Canadians and it is the official national summer sport in Canada. The sport is considered as a game of warriors and it has a huge fan base in Canada. Because of this popularity, lacrosse is a prime choice with bettors.


Football is popular everywhere and so it is in Canada. There are many leagues and competitions across the country. The fan base of football is huge, with millions of people following it. Betting on football has been frequent, even before the emergence of online betting sites. These sites have been very instrumental in enhancing the popularity of betting on the sport.

Other than the sports outlined above, there are many other sports that are popular with bettors in Canada. Some of them include baseball, basketball, rugby and golf. The popularity of these sports has made them more attractive to bettors.