Popular Sports in Canada

Canada has a wide range of sports, which are globally popular. It is very interesting, and you can search or watch a game that you understand. This article provides some of the most common sports in Canada, such as soccer, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, and lacrosse, among others.


In Canada, hockey is an all-year-round sport both at all levels from national. For instance, Canada is known for modern ice hockey, which began in the 19th century and is common due to its nature of participation that cuts across all the ages. The country has won some of the trophies such as the Memorial Cup and Allan Cup. The national team for men has been representing the country in international tournaments, such as the Olympics.


In 1859, Lacrosse was declared as a national game and in 1994 as a summer sport. The sport is governed by the Canadian Lacrosse Association that was established in 1925. In the country, two professional lacrosse leagues include the National Lacrosse League and the Major League Lacrosse. In this sport, the greatest achievers in the lacrosse are awarded by the Canadian Lacrosse Hall. Thus, the sport is very popular and worth following and watching.

Canadian Football

As it is across the world, football is also popular in Canada. The sport is played by two teams that are composed of 12 players on each side. Football in Canada originates from rugby football, and it has since been developed and grown into was is now called Canadian Football. The Canadian Football League is the top sport professional league in Canada. Among the main football events in Canada is the Grey Cup, which attracts approximately millions of audiences via TV.


Sports are known to attract many fans across the world. The above sports are some of the popular ones in Canada. They are worth watching, following, and understanding, especially to sport betting individuals.