Which Sports Do Canadian Bet On?

Sports betting is prevalent in Canada. Many Canadians are always on online betting sites to bet either for entertainment or to make some money out of it. Many sports are popular with bettors in the country. Like any other country, sports that are popular with bettors in Canada are also generally popular with many fans. This article highlights some of the popular sports for bettors in Canada.


James Naismith invented basketball, and with this, you expect the sport to be very popular in the country. Almost everyone in the country is a fan of the sport, and any basketball competition or league comes with excitement. Many games are happening around the country every week. Because of this, the sport is popular with bettors.


Baseball has been attracting many bettors in Canada because of the availability of many games and the increase in the fan base. There has been a passion for the sport in the country, and its popularity is likely to increase in the near future. However, even as the sport grows, it is still one of the most popular sports with bettors.


Tennis is one of the most exciting sports in Canada. Because of this, it is always fun and interesting to be a tennis fan. Tennis in Canada has grown to be one of the most popular sports in the country. Its fan base has also grown exponentially in the last few years. The sport is also attracting many bettors.

Mixed Martial Arts

Many people follow mixed martial arts. It is very exciting to watch this fighting sport. The popularity of the sport attracted the attention of bettors.


These are some of the sports Canadians bet on. You should try betting on one or two of them if you have an interest in sports betting.